Announcing lifter event support

Attending (or speaking at!) events is a great opportunity to meet your users and learn more about how they’re using your project. Over the past year we’ve received a few requests for swag, slides, and sponsorships so we decided to make it official!

What is it?

Attending or speaking at events

For lifters who are attending and/or speaking at events:

  • Access to Tidelift swag
  • Access to co-branded stickers
  • Slides

Organizing local events or meetups

For lifters who are organizing, running, or guest speaking at local events:

  • Access to Tidelift swag
  • Access to co-branded stickers
  • Slides
  • Sponsorships

How does it work?

Ordering swag and stickers

Please use this form to submit your swag requests and we’ll respond within two business days. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but we’ll need at least two weeks notice to make sure we can get everything ordered and shipped. The more time we have to prepare the swag shipment for your event, the more likely we will be able to get it to you in time.

If you need something that isn’t listed on the form, please let us know!

Requesting sponsorship

If you’d like to request that we sponsor a local event or meetup, please email us at with the following information:

  • Name and date of the event
  • Brief description of the event and reason for the request
  • Amount of sponsorship

We’ll review the information and get back to you within two business days. Once approved, we will need a few more things to move forward:

For requests >$250

  • Contact name and email for the event organizer
  • Event sponsorship agreement (if one exists)
  • Signed tax forms for the organizer (W-9, 8-BEN or 8-BEN-E)
  • Details for how the organizer would like to be paid (they can use this form)*

For requests <$250 - $1,000

  • US bank account: Please submit a reimbursement request with Expensify (you will be invited to join during your application review process). Keep all receipts from the event and be sure to include them with your reimbursement request. Funds will be direct deposited into your linked bank account.
  • No US bank account: Complete this form and email a copy to along with copies of all receipts and the amount being requested. Once everything has been received we will issue your reimbursement with wire transfer.

With the above in hand we should be able to issue payment within one week.

*Note: For legal and tax reasons, we need to pay the event organizer directly.


Here’s one example of integrating tidelift in a talk. We did make it easy on ourselves; this is a meta-talk on opensource project maintenance itself:

the segment starts here:

or jump directly to the tidelift bit:


We’re giving the 7 lessons presentation both at Devoxx (Nov 8th, Antwerp, Belgium) and JFall (this Thursday, Oct 31st, Ede, Netherlands), and we’ve slightly updated our slides with the new batch from @brenna.

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