Auto-Approving GitHub Release Notes

Hey, everyone. We have some improvements to Release Notes for lifted packages we’d like to tell you about. We were originally asking lifters to come to Tidelift to manually approve any release notes we pulled from GitHub before publishing. The original intent was to see if there was a reason to give different or augmented release notes for subscribers. We realized, though, that pretty much all lifters wanted the opposite experience: to simply pass through release notes pulled from GitHub directly to subscribers. So from now on, that’s the default:

Auto-publishing release notes pulled from GitHub is enabled on all current and newly lifted packages, and you can disable it per-package if you choose. You’re always free to modify the Tidelift-only release notes any way you see fit.

As part of this, we want to approve each package’s unapproved release notes that we pulled from GitHub. About ⅔ of all release notes pulled from GitHub are not approved. We’ll do this on August 8th. If, for some reason, you don’t want your old release notes published, email us at with the packages you don’t want published and we’ll skip those. As usual, post any questions in the comments below!


This is great!

Any chance of also parsing changelog files, for projects without GitHub release notes?

Awesome, I’ve been hoping for this feature to appear as well. :slight_smile:

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@ljharb Sorry for the delayed reply—we are actually prioritizing setting a URL that points to your release notes/changelog right now. This allows us to support non-GitHub Releases without prescribing a format that changelogs should be written in.

Once that is in place, we can layer on different parsing strategies to enhance the overall functionality. I just wanted to let you know that it is on our roadmap!

Thanks, looking forward to it!

Following up on this, all older, unapproved, non-blank release notes on packages that have an associated GitHub repo and had “Auto Approve GitHub Release Notes” enabled have now been approved. Respond if you have any questions/concerns.

We’re now supporting Markdown changelogs, and there’s been several other changes to release notes: More Release Notes Improvements


In some of my repos, I don’t create Github Releases, but I put the release notes in the commit message/tag annotation for the tag:

It’d be great if this could be auto-picked up as well.