Blaine Introduction

Heya Tidelift community!

I’ve been interacting with Brenna, Keenan, and the other Tidelift folks for some time in my role as the Lead Maintainer of gulp. These awesome people inspired me to apply for a job with them and I got it! :smile:

I wanted to formally introduce myself as the newest member of the Lifter Engagement team—you’ll be seeing me around here a lot. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to @-me here or email me at



Welcome Blaine! Just joining the forum myself …

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Welcome to you too, @aclark!

And obviously I’m excited to have Blaine on board - great to have your energy and on-the-ground experience on the team.


Congrats, Tidelift, and Blaine!

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Thanks all!! Happy to be here :smile: