Contemplating removing Tidelift from all my projects

I have had my 100+ nuget packages on tidelift for a few years now. So far i have not had any take up. So i am contemplating removing all the pointers to tidelift. I appreciate what tidelift is trying to achieve, but is seems with the current zero ROI, it is just noise in my projects.

Thoughts? Is anyone else having this experience?

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Just curious, how are you gauging the “take up”?

As in no one, who is using my packages, has subscribed to tidelift

Yes, I figured that’s what you meant, I’m just trying to understand how you determined that?

since all my packages say “You’ve applied to lift this package. We’ll let you know when there’s income available.” in tidelift

Hey Simon, thanks so much for raising this. Thanks also for getting onboard early before we’ve fully activated our .NET ecosystem coverage and before funding has been available in that ecosystem. So far, we’ve had limited uptake on the subscriber side around .NET, but we’re working on it–in fact, that’s one of my personal priorities as Tidelift’s new lead on ecosystem strategy.

I wonder… while we’re on the subject, are there other ways you see that we could get the word out in the .NET ecosystem? This has been one of the more challenging ecosystems to ramp up in and I can’t help but think y’all might have some ideas that haven’t yet occurred to us.



You should reach out to some Microsoft MVPs

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Great suggestion, Bobby, thank you! We’re gearing up for a concerted season of outreach and I’ll fold your suggestion into those plans :slight_smile: