Converting a github milestone to a release

Not sure if this helps anyone else but figured i would post it here…

So i use GH millstones for tracking all the issues+PRs that are going into a release. once i tag (that matches a version number) i have a GH action that automatically takes that milestone and creates a release from it. here is an example


It sounds very cool, I will test it.

Thanks for sharing this! If anyone else has Tidelift-related GitHub actions we’d love to see them, and could put together a collection of them in the blog or something if we get a few.


Cool, thanks for sharing. I like the ${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}} part a lot! Not many examples include that level of security.

I noticed the runs-on part from the .yml file:

Isn’t that a bit of a risk? Wouldn’t using a specific version (windows-1909 or something, to) make sure a new .NET release does not break your project?

It is a bit risky. But AFAIK it is “latest stable”, and i get an an email if it fails so i can trivial move it back to a known version.

Also not that it should also work on linux now. when i initially wrote the GH action the linux image didnt have the required dotnet version, but now it does.