Difficulty assessing security alert

Today, I received a security alert for jsonpickle. When I went to the security alert, I tried clicking on the CVE, but it was hyperlinked to the Tidelift homepage, so that didn’t help. I was able to expand the security alert and I could see a URL there, but I’m unable to click the URL or select the URL to copy. It seems my only option is to hand-retype the URL or CVE.

Are these UI limitations by design? Is there an easier way to get more information about the reported issue?

@jaraco thank you for the feedback! I see what you’re saying here, and we can definitely improve this experience. If you’d like, I’d be happy to enter the recommendation for you, just let me know.

Oh, I see. The text is selectable. It’s just that I can’t see the selection. Looks like I can achieve everything I need. Thanks! Have a great holiday.