Displayed current release no longer refresh



Last release of my package (Carbon) shown on Tidelift is 2.8.0 (december 18)

While https://packagist.org/packages/nesbot/carbon properly show 2.14.0 and https://libraries.io/packagist/nesbot%2Fcarbon displays 2.14.0 too.

It seems synchronisation is lost.



:wave: @kylekatarnls

Thanks for reporting this! This is indeed a syncing issue that we see from time to time and we’re working to get this resolved. In the meantime, I resynced manually and the Tidelift app is now displaying all versions up to and including 2.14.0. Please let me know if anything looks incorrect on your end or if I can help with anything else.



@kylekatarnls I’ve improved the background task that reloads versions from Libraries.io. Hopefully it should be more stable with pulling new versions from now on. When you have a new release of Carbon, let us know if it doesn’t show up in Tidelift within 48 hours after the release and we can take another look.


Seems good. Now the only gap is between packagist.org and libraries.io (it’s often a few days late, even when I click the [Sync] button of libraries.io).