Distinguishing Deprecated Packages for Lifters


As a Lifter, I was wondering how the user interface could be enhanced to allow deprecated packages to remain under my account, but not in a manner that would distract from those packages that are still actively maintained.

This came up because earlier this week I reached out to the Lift support e-mail to request a few lifted packages be removed from my account. (I deprecated many of my Open Source packages so that I could allocate more time to the higher value projects.)

While the packages were initially removed from my account, @ksz brough up a good point I hadn’t considered. He pointed out that perhaps those packages should be left on Tidelift, under my account, so that Subscribers are notified upon their deprecation. It’s a point I agreed would be beneficial to Subscribers.

My specific insight was:

Given the value proposition of Tidelift to Enterprise companies, I imagine the first thing those companies will do if they need to reach out for help, or report a security issue, is to go to their Tidelift dashboard. If the package has been removed from Tidelift, how can I help them understand that the package is formally deprecated, or what the next step might be (such as upgrading to package X).

Under my Lifter account I can see all packages currently associated with my account:

In the picture, the first package is actively maintained, while the second package, @hutson/eslint-config was deprecated.

So I edited the packages page a little to see how it might look if deprecated packages (say, those marked by npm deprecate) were visually distinguished from those that are actively maintained.

Note: Modifications to the page were for demonstration purposes only.

I wanted to just throw out the idea of visually distinguishing maintained packages from deprecated packages, in case anyone had their own thoughts on the subject.


Hutson! – Really appreciate you taking the time to provide such thoughtful feedback and providing mockups no less! :heart_eyes: I’ll get with the team next week to see if we can do something along these lines and will circle back.

In the meantime, we’d definitely appreciate feedback from any other lifters on the forums!