Does Tidelift work with Go modules?

I noticed in the list of supported manifests, many Go package managers are supported as Beta, but the one that isn’t is the new(ish) official package management solution, known as go modules (using go.sum and go.mod files).

I was wondering if modules are supported, and if not, if you know when they might be? They are officially built into the go tooling and almost everyone in the community is moving from the other package managers to modules.

Hi Nate :wave:

Thanks for coming to our forum and asking :slight_smile: We currently track all Go packages, but don’t have robust support for Go modules (as you may have noticed).

We’re not sure exactly when they might be fully supported (right now, the ecosystems we have full support on are PyPI, Maven, RubyGems, npm, NuGet, and Packagist), but I can say with confidence that Go is the next ecosystem that we’d like to add full support for :+1:

I hope that’s helpful!

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That’s good to know. I am hopeful that it won’t be tricky to add. If you already support the other package managers, go modules isn’t that much different in practice and for the majority of cases.