Feature request: Monthly allocation report


The one thing I’m missing right now in Tidelift is more insight into where exactly our subscription money is going. It’d be immensely useful for us to know:

  • How many different projects our money is going to
  • How much each respective project has received (this month and total over all time)

We need this information to better assess our dependencies. We’re fine with not having granular control over how our subscription money is allocated, but we’d really like to take an active part in discussing whether the funding a given project receives (or does not receive) from us through TideLift matches our own valuation of that dependency.


Thanks, makes sense! Though we don’t have anything like this in the UX itself yet, we can pull some numbers by hand - we’ll be in touch via email on that.

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@erlend_sh any chance I can talk you into sharing your internal valuation metrics? As a maintainer myself, this is something I’m very interested in and would love to learn from any insights you have.


It’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. We haven’t formalised any such internal valuation metric yet. It would be a lot easier to get that conversation started if TideLift could provide us with a monthly report that says how much we’ve given to our different dependencies. If DependencyA gets 5x than DependencyB, that’s gonna get us thinking about whether that is an accurate measurement of their respective value to our operation.