Feature request: packages page, group by task

Currently I’m running Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('tr td span a')).reduce((p, el) => { p[el.textContent.trim()] = (p[el.textContent.trim()] || 0) + 1; return p; }, {}); in the console to get a count of tasks by type, so i can then “find in page” for the ones I care about.

In other words, with a small number of packages, the current UI might be fine, but with a large number of packages, I often want to a) hide packages that don’t have any open tasks; b) hide/ignore specific tasks that I don’t plan to do right now, c) see all packages for a single task that i do plan to do right now (like, doing all of the 2FA tasks at once, for example).

Is there any chance this page could get some options for filtering/grouping of tasks?

@ljharb thank you for submitting. I’ve logged this request to review with the team and I’ll keep you posted on what we’re thinking.

If anyone else has thoughts on this, please share!

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In the meantime, I’ve made this bookmarklet:


which totals up the number of packages and number of tasks by type, and sneaks them into the header - it also removes any rows that have zero open tasks. This lets me at-a-glance see what task category I want to focus on, and then I use “find in page” to jump to the appropriate packages.

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