Forum is not discoverable

I tried to discover a link to this forum from the website and could not. Neither here.

Nor here.

Or here.

I mean - there is absolutely no way to discover it. Unless one specifically asking Google about “tidelift forum”.


@abitrolly we haven’t actively promoted the forum yet but it’s something we’ve been thinking about. Thank you for the feedback!

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If you are a Lifter and logged in to the Tidelift site, there is a forum link in the left sidebar:


It’s a bad sign that I forgot we had that link in the sidebar. :wink: We’ll definitely think about how to make it more discoverable!

Also, FYI, we’ve hired someone full-time to work with lifters (through the forum and on issues); they’ll be starting soon - they’ll also help make sure we’re catching loose ends like this one. More on that once they start!