Free access to Tidelift catalogs

Hello Lifters!

I’m from the Product team at Tidelift. We have recently launched a new feature for our Tidelift subscribers called catalogs. Catalogs allow organizations to use Tidelift’s tools and data to create approved lists of open source packages. This has proven to be useful in big companies for centralizing decisions about security, licensing, and architecture decisions. It stands in contrast to other solutions

I’m coming to you first to say “Thank you!“. We could not offer this to subscribers without the work that you are doing. Every time you provide a security recommendation or annotate which releases are no longer maintained, we are able to automatically pass that info along to subscribers so they can make more informed decisions about the open source their organization should use. Catalogs can be accessed in the Tidelift web app or through a new CLI tool and can be integrated into a CI check.

Secondly, I want to offer up free access to the subscriber product to each of you. Catalogs are designed with enterprise customers in mind, but I am confident that you all could up with some creative uses for the technology. For example, Alex Clark (lifter of Pillow) built up a Python Data Science catalog which others could use as a recommended starting point for creating a data science stack. If you would like to give it a go or just want to learn more, let us know and we can give you access through your existing Tidelift account.

Complete this Google form this week. We will start processing requests and giving access first-come, first-serve next week.

Jeff Stern