GitHub, Tidelift, and you

Today we and GitHub announced the integration of the Tidelift Subscription with the just-launched GitHub Sponsors program. This is a great endorsement of our vision, and a big opportunity for you to increase your reach and income. We’ve shared more about it in a blog post, but here’s the most important information specifically for lifters.

What is happening?

Your GitHub projects can now provide a direct link to your project’s page on Tidelift via a “Sponsor” button next to “Watch” and “Star"—it looks like this:

Once you enable and configure it, clicking on that “Sponsor” button will show your users a link to the Tidelift Subscription!

Enable it now!

You should go turn it on! :smile:To do that, enable the sponsor feature (docs), and then add one line with your package repository and project name in the new .github/FUNDING.yml file. Gulp, for example, has done it like:

tidelift: npm/gulp

Our full documentation is here; GitHub’s is here.

If you run into any issues, please comment below or ping @blaine or @brenna—we’re happy to walk you through it, do a PR, or help with any technical problems that need to be resolved.

Connect your users

This is a new—and potentially high-traffic—way of connecting users with the Tidelift sales and marketing teams. When you do that, we talk to them about the value they’ll get from subscribing to Tidelift—and that builds the income you get from us!

Let users know

At Friday’s lifter event, we talked about how to connect with your users about Tidelift—and today’s announcement is another great opportunity to spread the word about how Tidelift supports your work.

Some ways you and your fellow lifters have already done this:

We’re also open to experiments in this area—please let us know what you’ve done or what you’re thinking of doing. We’re always happy to help on the forum or in email.

Tell other maintainers

On Wednesday, we published a complete list of projects currently eligible for income from Tidelift. With this new GitHub integration, there is no better time to search for projects whose maintainers you know, and tell them that they can make money with Tidelift. The more maintainers that are part of the Tidelift Subscription, the better for all of us!


Again, if you have any questions about any of this, including how it works or how you should talk about it with your users, feel free to ping us here or in email. Thanks!


This is SUPER exciting! Let me know if you need help setting up the Sponsor button - it took me a minute to figure out where things were.

Great news.

It took me some time to find the correct maven project name. But now it works.

Maven example:

tidelift: maven/org.projectlombok:lombok

Maybe it is a good idea to have some more examples for other repositories as well.


If anyone has any questions about how to get started about with the GitHub Sponsors / Tidelift integration, or more generally about this announcement and what it means, we’d love to discuss it here!

We’ve also heard from a few of you that you like to speak personally about this announcement, and we’d love to chat one-on-one about it!

Follow this link to set up a time for us both to connect! :tada:

We’re working on a task that will display the right name so that you can just copy/paste (or eventually just hit a button to do a PR). Hopefully that’ll be available soon. @havocp

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Yep we have this PR ready to ship were just talking about when to do it:

Should I hit the merge button?

Should we only setup the tidelift line in FUNDING.yml? I see it is also possible to add a github line, but it isn’t clear what doing so means.

The github line in FUNDING.yml is for GH’s patreon-like solution, which is currently invite-only.