GitHub wiki markdown - package support page - with "buttons"

To quickly put up some “pyparsing for Enterprise” text, I created a page on my project’s GitHub wiki. (


I couldn’t find a markdown way to put in the “Learn More” and “Request a Demo” buttons, but I think I came close by putting the linked text into a 2-element table. Here is the markdown text I used:

[Learn More](  |  [Request a Demo](

Use this template to put your own project “buttons” on your own project’s GitHub wiki.

[Learn More](learn-more-link-goes-here)  |  [Request a Demo](request-a-demo-link-goes-here)

The second line containing the ------------|----------- is necessary to tell the renderer to make this a table, otherwise, you just get the two links with a vertical bar between them (not ugly, but not buttons!).

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This looks awesome—nice suggestion @ptmcg! :smiley:

You can also italicize the “button” text, for example [_Learn More_]. But bolding with ** doesn’t seem to do anything, since the renderer is already treating this text as column headers, so they get bolded already.

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