How did you become an open source maintainer?

This week in the lifter-stuff repo we’re talking about the various paths to becoming an open source maintainer.

Please head on over to lifter-stuff and leave your thoughts and feedback on this article, or leave your comments here. All input is welcome!

I’ve looked a few times at the lifter-stuff repo, and I don’t understand how “GitHub repo” and “we’re talking” go together? What is it you would like people to do to respond?

Yes! We’re posting content in the GitHub repo and would love comments, feedback, additions - anything you’d like to share. We’re trying to create content that might be valuable to all maintainers, so we wanted to make it public and open for collaboration (hence the GitHub repo).

If you have anything to add, you can open an PR in the repo or leave your comments here and we can work them into the content pieces.

Hi Brenna,
I am want to be a maintainer.
Do I have to be owner of the package that want to be maintainer of ??

Great question! In order to be eligible to lift a package you need to be one of the maintainers, and for projects with multiple maintainers we ask that you discuss this with them prior to signing. You can read more about the terms here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.