How long does "getting you set up" take?

I’m still seeing this message three days after signing up:

We’re so glad you’re here. We are getting you set up to collect referral bonuses for io.github.pr0methean.betterrandom:BetterRandom and io.github.pr0methean.betterrandom:BetterRandom-Java7. Please look for an email in the next few days with next steps.

How long do people actually wait at this stage? I’m rather disappointed not to have this next-steps e-mail today, since I was hoping to plan next week’s work before the long weekend.

Hey Pr0methean, sorry for the delay! We were finalizing some contract updates and I wanted to get you on the latest contract.

I believe we’ve touched base in email a bit ago.


Thanks; I received the agreement the day I posted this.