How long until a new release shows on the Package's Page?

I just released a new package version, but I am not seeing it as an option in the Version Guidance section. Can I manually bust the cached versions, or update it?

@BobbyMcWho there can be a slight delay between when a new version is released and when we pick it up. We are able to sync manually, so you can always send a ticket to support at and we can take a look. If you let me know which package this refers to I can get this resolved.

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There seems to be pretty severe breakage at the moment (this has been the case since before the OP asked probably). The last daily update at is from Dec 10. New releases of Python packages don’t seem to be detected anymore. For example SciPy 1.6.0 has been out for a month, and is not detected. For NumPy it tells me “The last release was 11 hours ago” but there are no open tasks and the latest version cannot be found under Release notes; the Version guidance tab just contains text and no version matrix where recommended versions can be edited.

Is there a structural problem at the moment?

@ralf.gommers thank you for reaching out. we have noticed some increased issues with syncing recently, but I’ll share these details with the team to help them trouble shoot. I’ll post back once I have more details on this.

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@ralf.gommers I talked with the team about this and we have indeed noticed a lot of issues with new python releases, so we’re working on improving how we detect these new releases. Yesterday we moved from looking every 10 minutes to every minute, so that should help alleviate a lot of it. We’re still working on this and have a few other tweaks in the works, so I’ll provide more updates as those fixes are completed.

Thank you again for posting this question!

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