How to be helpful online

One of our long-time lifters, @nedbat, wrote a piece on how to be helpful online that’s been circulating on Twitter:

“Let me say at the outset though: I have done and still do, all of the wrong things. Helping people online is not easy. Perhaps askers don’t know how to ask, or how to interpret our answers. Perhaps English is not their first language. We don’t know what they already know. And we are all human, so we are bringing our complex emotional state with us. So I know this is hard. I’m hoping that talking about how things can go wrong will help us make them go right.”

What strategies do you have to be helpful in your project? One of mine is making sure I take a breath and thank the person or say something positive about what they did before launching into any sort of “how to do it better.”


Yaaaas. Well played @nedbat