How to reach TideLift via email

Various pages on advertise the email address as a way of getting in touch. E.g. says:

Contact Us

Please reach out at with a description of what’s happening or any general feedback.

I reached out a couple weeks ago to this email address (and also sent a followup email to check if my first was received) and haven’t heard back yet. Trying this forum post now in case there’s some problem reaching TideLift via that email address. Could someone at TideLift please reply to this post with an email address I can use to get in touch?

Thanks very much and best wishes.


Hi Josh!

Thanks for the ping, and my sincere apologies for the delay. That’s the correct email address to reach us at, our team is just a little short staffed at the moment. Happily, we’re hiring to address that! :blush:

I’ll be in touch shortly to address your support ticket!

Thanks again,

Thanks for confirming! Not urgent. Good to know there wasn’t a technical problem or anything.


I was just about to create the same thread as this one. @joshsimmons — if you have a moment to look, I’d very much appreciate this.


Was also wondering the same thing. I am looking forward to hearing back! This project is a great idea, and I hope it succeeds. :slight_smile:

Thanks folks, I really appreciate the understanding. I’m pleased to report the lifter team grew by 1 this week–so response times will be getting back to normal. I’m triaging the support queue today so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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