How to trigger a new Dependency build?

I’m lifting one library, webargs, which depends on another library I’m lifting, marshmallow. I reported a CVE in an old version of marshmallow, which triggered a Dependency build failure in webargs. I pinned marshmallow to a newer version and released a new webargs version, but my Lifter Dashboard still shows the dependency build error.

How to I trigger a new build?

Thank you for the question! Builds can’t be manually triggered, but they update daily so the issue will be resolved then.

The updates don’t appear to be happening. webargs is still showing a build failure, despite having released a new version with the marshmallow version pinned.

Hey Steve :wave: That’s odd that it was still showing a build failure, but I overrode it and forced a new build, which looks to be successful. Are you seeing the same?

Ah, it’s fixed now. Thanks Keenan!

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