Improvement prototype: unique package pages


An ongoing effort of our product team continues to be demonstrating how the work that lifters are doing connects to what are subscribers value and need. We’re ready to share a prototype of how we’re hoping to do that next: package pages :grinning:

We’d also LOVE any help testing this design out! If you’re interested, please pick a time at this link :blush:

The goal of the package page is to give subscribers one cohesive view where they can learn everything they need to know about a package, for example:

  • Is it actively maintained?
  • What’s the license?
  • Which version should I use?
  • What data is there about the project, its popularity, and others using it?

Similarly, we want lifters to have a single place to edit this information, to be sure that users see exactly what they want them to see.

Here’s a screenshot of what we’re working on!

Again, please let us know if you’d like to be involved in deeper user testing of this feature by choosing a time here!