Is it possible to have an automatically updating date text?

Hi, HTML newb looking to see if something is possible. I do know a little HTML, but really that’s mostly setting up links and text formatting.

What I am after is to have today’s date minus 7 years.

If it helps, this is the reason why. I help run a martial arts club and part of what I do is maintain our website. We have a minimum age requirement, where all new members must be 7 years old or older. We have a page on our website explaining why we don’t accept children under the age of 7, and I would like to include a simple line that says ( something to the effect of ) "Your cannot child cannot join if their birthday is after "

Obviously I don’t want that to be today’s date, rather today minus 7 years, and obviously I don’t want to update the page everyday for a new date.

(I suspect you have posted in the wrong forum.)