Is Tidelift Open Source?

I could not find the source code for Tidelift. Is it open source? If not, then what is the reason?

We generally think that open source projects need to be more than code, and that it actually takes a ton of time to make something open source in a way that’s useful. All of the underlying data collection for Tidelift is from our open source project Also the core chunks for parsing package dependencies come from the bibliothecary rubygem and we do license normalization with the spdx gem. As we come across other things that have general purpose usability, we plan to release those as well. The main constraint is time, which we think at present is best spent on making the business work to pay the maintainers.

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I’d add to what Jeremy said that most of the value is not in the software, but in the network of maintainers and the sales and support team, so having the code by itself doesn’t do much good.

I do expect we’ll probably end up opening up some other aspects of the code, particularly things like quality scoring, once they’re a little less alpha - more eyeballs on how that is done could be helpful, and there’s no particularly secret sauce there. Again, though, they probably won’t be too useful outside of our overall context.

Thanks for the responses. I understand that primary values in investor backed startup and open source community can be different. Let’s hope that concentrating on one side first you would finally manage to bring those two parts together through positive outcome.