"Issues Affecting Subscribers" shows as todo but has no actionable task

I’m seeing “Issues Affecting Subscribers” showing up as a todo task on one of my packages, but when i click “start task”, it talks about what the feature is, and when i click “see issues”, there are none.

How do I clear this task from my list?


@ljharb thank you so much for reporting this issue! Can you please let me know which package you’re referring to so I can take a look?

Thank you!

@ljharb thank you! It looks like the system wasn’t recognizing there were no issues and therefore wasn’t allowing you to complete the task. I went ahead and cleared it, but please let me know if you notice any other issues.

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Hi @brenna, I work with @ljharb on eslint-plugin-import and I am now seeing the same thing.

@benmosher thank you so much for letting me know. I went in and cleared the task but please let me know if you continue to see any issues on your end.

I’m seeing this on the npm/has-typed-arrays package as well.

@ljharb thank you for reporting, I’ve cleared this task.

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It’s showing for pypi/Pillow too.


I’m seeing “Issues affecting subscribers” on all the packages I have on Tidelift, but only some of those actually show any issues.

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Thank you for letting us know about this, we’ll work on getting this fixed up!

We’ve implemented a fix and this task should no longer display if no issues are detected. Please let me know if you continue to run into any issues, and thank you!


I’m still seeing it one some packages. For example, https://tidelift.com/lifter/package/npm/ansi-styles/issues and https://tidelift.com/lifter/package/npm/camelcase-keys/issues.

@sindresorhus thank you for reporting! I’ll ask the team to take a look at these examples this morning.

This continues to happen for many of my packages; has there been any update on fixing the root cause?

@ljharb we’re still working on determine the root cause and hope to have this resolved soon. Thank you for letting us know!

It looks like engineering put a fix in this morning. It won’t close any “issues affecting subscribers” that have been re-opened before the fix, but it should avoid re-opening the task in error going forward.

Please let us know if you encounter this again. If you need help closing this task from previously, please reach out!

Thanks! I have 109 packages with this open task, is there any chance for an automated fix to these?

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@ljharb we just refreshed affected packages, so they should be corrected now. Let us know if you see it again though! Thanks.

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