Issues with 2FA detection

Hi, there’s an issue with 2FA detection that I’ve been seeing on PyPI and GitHub for a couple of weeks now. On PyPI my tasks say must confirm she has enabled 2FA (but she does not have access to my PyPI projects, so why this is needed is unclear). And for GitHub there’s a lifter from NumFOCUS (Leah) who does not have GitHub access at all but is still flagged as not having 2FA enabled.

Can someone please have a look at this?

Hey Ralf,

Thanks so much for flagging this, I’m looking into it now and will report back when I’ve got resolution or more information!

Happy Friday,

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With much gratitude to our engineering team, they’ve identified the root cause and addressed the issue. I believe the fix has been deployed! Please let me know if things are still behaving weird on your end.


That fixed it, thanks Josh!