Kate Introduction

Hi, I’m Kate!

I just joined Tidelift’s Lifter Engagement team. I’m stoked about paying the maintainers and excited to help improve the lifter experience. I’m going to be focused on working with all of you, to help make sure you’re successful with Tidelift. It’ll likely include posting here regularly and helping with issues (and opportunities!) as they come up.

I got my start in open source 15 years ago supporting developers at LiveJournal, and currently mostly focus on building technical communities. Along the way, I’ve contributed to WordPress, IETF standards, W3C standards, Mozilla Firefox, Women Who Code, CoC Beacon, and Wikipedia.

If I can help with anything please feel free to @ me or email me at kmancuso at tidelift!




Welcome Kate! So excited to have you here.

Kate’s experience in a wide variety of communities, and approaching them thoughtfully and systematically, was really appealing to us. I’m really looking forward to working together as a team to make this space more relevant for y’all, and make the onboarding process smoother and more engaging for you.

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Hello @katem!

A warm welcome from a lifter :slight_smile:.

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Thanks Deivid! It’s nice to meet you.

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