Lifter introductions!

Hey all,

Something that brings us together is our appreciation for our fellow maintainers. Since joining Tidelift, I’ve heard from both other lifters and internal team members that they wanted to know more about you!

So, I thought it would be a great time to launch an “introductions” thread here on the forum. We respect your privacy and want this to be completely opt-in, but if you are interested in getting to know your fellow lifters—here’s a place to start!

  • What’s your name or GitHub handle?
  • What project(s) do you work on?
  • How has Tidelift helped you? Or what does Tidelift mean to you? (We’d like to use this for some quotes on our homepage—please let us know if you’d prefer not)

And I used to be a lifter, so here’s mine:

  • Blaine Bublitz (phated)
  • I work on gulp and most underlying node libraries that make it work.
  • Companies don’t want to give you money without a contract ensuring they’re getting something good in return. We need someone to handle agreements between the parties. Tidelift provides that.