Looking forward to 2021 - Tidelift, you, and the Lifter Engagement team

Hey, all! It has been a year, huh? As we at Tidelift wind down 2020 and prep for 2021, I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on where we’ve been and why I’m quite excited about where we’re going. (Emphasis on quick; I could write here for hours but I’ll try to spare you…)


In 2020 we really focused on the customer value side of the company. 2021 will see that change—we will be aggressively recruiting more lifters, both in established languages like Javascript and also in platforms that are newer for us, like Rust. Referrals are, as always, welcome!

We’re also hoping to re-start our events for you in 2021, at least virtually (and maybe, if we’re lucky, in person). We found these really valuable in 2019, and know from you that it helped make Tidelift a bit more real.

Finally, I’m really hoping we can bring some focus and attention to the non-financial benefits Tidelift is uniquely positioned to help you with. For example, we’ve always helped with security issue reporting, and we are exploring whether we can offer a similar service to help with CoC issues. We’re also looking to see how we can help you build diversity and inclusion in your communities through internships or mentorships.

Company and Product

As we mentioned here mid-summer, we’ve been working on catalogs of software that help customers realize the value of the services you all are providing. We’ve also been working with a handful of lifters to build these catalogs, and we’re looking forward to sharing a lot more about that in the next few months.

The goal with catalogs is the same as with most of our product initiatives: solve customer problems, leading to more revenue — and more income for you. Look for more on this in the new year!

The Team

As some of you may have seen on Twitter, we recently announced a hire I’m very excited about — Josh Simmons, formerly of Google and Salesforce, and active in many community spaces including the awesome North Bay Python conference and as the president of the Open Source Initiative. I expect Josh to be doing a lot of work with this group as well as with other partners like the Python Software Foundation and Ruby Together. He’ll start the first week of January.

We’re also still hiring, looking for someone with community and technical bents, to help us drive catalogs with a community focus. This could potentially be a very fun role, either for an existing lifter or for a friend. Please share the job description far and wide!

Finally, Brenna and I will be taking some holiday time, being mostly offline between Christmas and New Year’s. Payday will still happen on time on January 5th.

Silver Linings

It’s been a rough year for many people, including some of us inside Tidelift. Despite that, the company has hit a great stride, building and delivering for customers all year long, and we’re entering 2021 on a great roll with sales and product development. Despite being a professional pessimist (lawyer and former QA!) I’m very excited about 2021 and what it will bring for Tidelift and for lifters, and can’t wait to share more of it with you all in the new year. Thank you so much for joining us on this ride!