Marketing task not clearing isn’t verifying, although the repo has a sponsor button via my user’s .github repo.

@ljharb thanks for letting us know! This was a syncing issues and it’s been resolved.

Hi @brenna - this is also happening on,,, (which also can’t find “package information”, for some reason),,,,, and (which also says “package information couldn’t be found”.

Perhaps there’s some kind of bug? This is a lot of packages with a user-level .github dir providing FUNDING.yml all at once.

@ljharb thanks for reporting! It does look like some sort of bug, so I’ll work with the team on this today and report back as soon as we’ve figured it out.

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@ljharb digging in, I don’t see the Tidelift link in the FUNDING.yml file.

ahhh thanks - indeed i don’t have the Tidelift link in my user’s .github dir. Perhaps the task was previously clearing incorrectly, and now it’s correctly uncleared?

I’ll go through these and add the local FUNDING.yml, but let’s assume this is my error. Thanks!