More Release Notes Improvements

Hi, all. I wanted to share some additional improvements to release notes handling. Earlier we rolled out auto-approval for GitHub release notes, which almost every lifter is using, which is great. :slight_smile:

The newest improvement is making it easier to work with release notes on GitHub. We ask you to provide release notes for, at the very least, all versions released since you started lifting the package, as well as the version that was released when you started lifting. If your package’s repository is on GitHub and you don’t have notes for a release, we’ll let you know on the Release Notes page for your package:

Go over to the Releases page on your repository and start filling in notes for each release:

Then, come back to Tidelift and click Reprocess GitHub Release Notes. This will reload all of your release notes from GitHub and update the notes stored on Tidelift:

We’ve also rolled out some UI improvements. The new list of release notes is much easier to read, with clearer messaging on what you need to fix and don’t need to fix. We’re also showing a larger preview for longer release notes:

For those who aren’t auto-approving GitHub release notes, we’ll let you know which notes need review, and you can Publish the unedited notes with a single click:


The release notes API got a small addition as well: the ability to read the body of a release note for a particular version:

$ curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API token>'

Release notes for you

Finally, we’ve implemented loading release notes from a remote raw Markdown changelog file. Right now we support what we’ve seen as the most common Markdown structures for changelog formats. An example would look like this:


Select the Markdown option for your package and give it the URL to the raw Markdown file:

Once you click Save, we’ll check the URL for a Markdown changelog and, if we find it and can parse it, the updated release note bodies will appear in the app:

We’ll also check the URL once a day for updates and if we notice any, we’ll update the appropriate versions.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to post them here. We’re really interested in what you think of the changes!