Moving repositories

I moved the repo for promise.allsettled on npm from to - how long should I expect it to take before that’s fully detected such that i can verify the funding.yml task? Do I have to publish a new version that points back to the new repo location first? (since the original repo redirects, i’d expect that not to be necessary)

I clicked verify just now, and it worked - not sure if enough time elapsed or if someone manually fixed it.

Hey @ljharb. As far as I can tell, we manually set up the organization’s repository as the one to check when we set you up to lift. It looks like npm and Libraries still have the old repo set up for the package, though.

Sure, I’d have to publish a patch to update those links, but since they redirect, nothing needs/should need to be updated for people/software to find the right place. is a package that was just added now; the funding task isn’t verifying altho it inherits its FUNDING.yml from the org’s .github repo. Is there a delay before “it’s part of an org” can be detected?