Need a subscription tier for smaller & non-IT businesses

Looking at Tidelift’s pricing and ROI calculator, it looks like the Starter tier would have only a small chance of paying for itself for a business that had only 5 developers. (With all other assumptions set to defaults, it works out to being worth $9,375 - $18,750.) That’s probably many if not most SMBs outside the IT industry, and plenty of microbusinesses and individual contractors even within IT. Why not add a cheaper tier for teams of up to 5, and with a limit on the number of projects and direct dependencies? That would probably expand the potential market for the Tidelift Subscription quite a bit.

Hey @Pr0methean! We’re starting with a product tuned for larger organizations which we believe is the current sweet spot, but we’re certainly open to exploring expanding the model with additional options for smaller organizations as we grow.