New feature: lift all your packages

As some of you may have picked up on, one of our primary goals at Tidelift is simply: pay the maintainers! Now, there’s a lot of complexity buried in that shorthand, but the high level goal is clear: we believe that creators and maintainers of open source software should be empowered earn scalable income from their open source projects.

To be as successful at this, Tidelift needs to effectively support maintainers of not just one, but tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of popular open source projects.

To that end—and thanks to some great feedback from lifters on this forum!—today we’re releasing deeper integration with both npm and RubyGems, making it easier for you to quickly lift all of your packages.

Why is this important? Identifying (and lifting!) all of your packages can become cumbersome pretty quickly for prolific maintainers. And by not lifting all of your packages, you’re limiting your potential earnings from Tidelift subscribers (who want as many of their dependencies supported as possible!). And given our goal of paying maintainers, we needed to fix that!

This is also valuable for Tidelift subscribers, and will help us acquire more subscribers: the more lifted packages, the more valuable our subscription is to potential customers. By enabling lifters to support more packages on Tidelift, we will be able to acquire more subscribers, and help you earn more.

How does it work?

When you log into Tidelift, you may now see a new modal asking you to identify your npm or RubyGems username (or confirm what we guess your username is).

If you opt to do this, you can then navigate to the Packages tab, then Lift new package, where you’ll see the following:

If you click on “See if you have other packages to lift in your ecosystem!”, you’ll be taken to a new screen, where you can select all packages that you currently maintain. If you maintain them individually, you can lift them right away! If you are one of a number of maintainers, we’ll require you to receive confirmation from your co-maintainers that they’re okay with you lifting that package.

Please let us know if this new feature is helpful for you, if you encounter any bugs, and/or if you’d like this expanded to other ecosystems! And if you do find yourself lifting more packages, we’d love to get in touch about your experience. We’re investigating ways to make lifting simpler for maintainers with many packages, and we’d love to learn from you!

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While this is great, I’d prefer all new npm packages of mine to be auto lifted, but not all the ones I’m currently (explicitly) not choosing to lift.

Will this only grab new packages, or if not, how can i exclude packages from lifting? (bearing in mind that anyone on npm can be added to any package without their involvement)

Thanks for your feedback! We don’t yet automatically lift any packages for you, so there’s no need to worry about us adding any packages you’d wish to have excluded. Instead you’d still have to manually select them on the Lift the rest of your packages screen.

In terms of auto-lifting new solo-maintained packages: yes! That was on our list, so it’s great to hear that that’s what you have in mind, too :smile:. If you detect a new npm package that you solo-maintain, would you prefer to have manual confirmation before we add it to your liftings? Or would you rather it really become auto-lifted?

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This idea looks neat, unfortunately it thinks that my npm user is bcoe (Ben Coe). Likely because he was the original publisher of many packages I lift. I tried putting my correct username (coreyfarrell) and when I click the save button it says it was successful, but then if I refresh it goes back to thinking I am Ben.

@coreyfarrell thank you for letting us know about this issue! We’ll take a look and see why this is happening and I’ll let you know once it’s been resolved.

@coreyfarrell give it another shot. We are rolling out a patch that should fix this.

This seems to work now, though the “Want to lift the rest of your packages?” panel keeps reappearing at This panel takes half the screen, is it expected that it can be dismissed?

When I go to it lists my solo and group packages, the lists seem accurate. Some improvements would be nice (ordered by what is most important to me):

  • Alpha sort packages with scoped packages first
  • Somehow bring attention to any unclaimed funding
  • A way to declare certain packages should not be lifted (flag them to be unchecked by default)
  • Option to hide packages that are already lifted
  • Maybe add a link next to each checkbox to lift that one individual package, or an ‘uncheck all’ button so I can go down the list and select only the packages I want to lift now.

In my own case I have a bunch of packages published to the npm @cfware scope and although I have no objection to others using these the target user is me. My expectation is that downloads by others is/always will be insignificant therefore no benefit to lifting those packages. As is I would have to uncheck a couple dozen scoped packages to ever use this feature. If the auto-lift feature is implemented I would only be able to use it if I could configure a filter list with pattern matching, so for example I would need to block npm/@cfware/* from auto-lift. I have no idea if this is a normal need within the community or if I’m alone in this.

If you detect a new npm package that you solo-maintain, would you prefer to have manual confirmation before we add it to your liftings? Or would you rather it really become auto-lifted?

I suppose I’d prefer manual confirmation, as long as the process was effectively instant after I confirmed :slight_smile: