New Feature: Version Usage Analytics


At our lifter event in May many of you told us that receiving data about the usage of your packages would be helpful.

We’re proud to present the first display of that data, anonymized package usage analytics.

Note that some of you will log in and won’t see any data. We’re not able to share data unless you have a certain number of our subscribers depending on your package, due to subscriber privacy concerns.

This data ties into a task that lifters are already completing for subscribers: providing release stream version guidance information. Thanks to the work of lifters, Tidelift subscribers are able to see which versions of a package are safe and recommended for enterprise use.

You can find more information about this at our blog. This is hopefully only a first small step in bringing value from our subscriber data to lifters.

What other insights would you like to see from our subscriber data? We’d also love to hear how you are using these package usage analytics.