New Lifter Improvement: Release Streams

Next in the list of lifter improvements is a revamp of what we had called the Version Map. The concept behind Version Map is that groups of release versions with the same major and minor numbers — what we call Release Streams — have flags that give guidance to subscribers about upgrade paths, long-term support, and deprecated sets of releases. Given a set of settings to a stream and a release version in a manifest, we suggest conservative upgrade paths based on stream settings, roughly like this:


The original Version Map task mixed in Broken Version handling along with Release Stream management, and provided a set of checkboxes which made for a confusing experience in defining what a release stream means for subscriber upgrading:

After some lifter feedback, we not only moved Broken Versions to its own separate page, we streamlined Release Stream definitions and settings, and provide examples showing how subscriber upgrades will be suggested:

If you’ve already made changes to your original Version Map, please go back and check and make sure the new Release Stream settings make sense. We’ve done our best to map the original multi-checkbox settings to the new, simpler setup. As always, let us know what you think of these improvements in the comments!

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