New Lifter Improvement: "Tell Potential Subscribers" Verify Marketing URL

One issue we’ve had for a while now is lifters asking, “How do I complete this task?”:


The idea is that the lifter, at the bare minimum, places a link on their site to a Tifdelift landing page URL for their project. That URL allows us to track if someone subscribes to Tidelift using a link from their project’s site (which could mean a referral bonus for the lifter!). Before, we were manually checking the URL as part of our human onboarding process and doing nothing with the task itself. Now, you, the lifter, can let us know where you’ve placed the landing page URL and we’ll automatically check it and mark the task as complete if we find it on your site!

Head to the tasks for one of your packages and open the Tell Potential Subscribers task. You’ll see a new section where you can enter in the URL to a page on your site (a README, a homepage, a docs page), and if we can find a landing page URL in the source of that page, we’ll show the Verified! tag on this page and mark the task as complete. We’ll also check your site on a periodic basis, just in case you rearrange things and forget to put the URL back in.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to add them here!

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