New Lifter Improvement: Verify All Licenses At Once

The next lifter improvement is around license verification. pulls license metadata from GitHub, etc. and the package manager. We’ve found that 20% of packages have a mismatch between the two, so confirming the license of your package is crucial for our subscribers. Before, verifying licenses required going to each package and opening a modal in order to verify that what we have is correct. Any changes needed to be emailed to us, and the level of feedback in the correction process was less than ideal.

Now, you’ll see all of your packages in a table, and any unverified licenses can be easily verified as a group. Corrections can be provided inline when needed, and we’ll be notified automatically when you indicate that a license is incorrect, and you’ll be notified when we’ve corrected it and when you need to verify that we have it right.


This means that, in the unlikely case we have the wrong info, the correction process will go quickly and smoothly. You can also always go back and make corrections if the licenses ever change with an already-verified package. Finally, if your package is hosted on GitHub and there’s a mismatch between the GitHub repository and, you’ll know right away:

Check it out on your Dashboard and provide us with any feedback you have!

Hi John,

When I go to there are no packages listed:

Any ideas?


Hi, @mbrookes. I’m taking a look into this today. Thanks for letting us know, and I’ll keep you updated on the issue!

Hey, @mbrookes, we’re still looking into the issue. It’s requiring a bit of architectural rethink as to how we deal with some lifter tasks, and we want to make sure we get it right before pushing out a fix. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll let you know here when it’s fixed!

Thanks for the update John.

@mbrookes can you go back and check again? We made some changes to how we handle tasks internally, and that (hopefully) fixed up your issue. Let me know either way!

That seems to have done the trick:

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