New maintainer spotlight podcast with Changelog

We recently kicked off a new monthly “Maintainers Spotlight,” co-produced by Tidelift and Changelog. The first episode just came out last week, and it features none other than Ned Batchelder, the maintainer of You can listen to it here. and read more about our partnership with Changelog here.

Oh, and if you might be interested in being on a future episode of the podcast, please let me know. Adam and Jerod of Changelog are always on the lookout for maintainers with an interesting story to share!

It was fun to do this podcast! When we first set it up, I wrote this blog post about the idea of corporations supporting open source: Corporations and Open Source: Why and How. I allude to it obliquely a few times in the podcast, and hoped that we could get into it deeper, but Jerod didn’t take the bait :slight_smile: