New: Making it easier to complete tasks!

Hey there! We recently released an update to the lifter app navigation, and we’re excited to bring you the second part of that refresh this week. The goal of this work is to make it easier for you to complete assigned tasks.

One thing we ask lifters to do for us is to complete a set of tasks related to your packages. These tasks are intended to be low-to-medium effort for you, but collectively provide a tremendous amount of value for our paying subscribers. By providing clear release stream guidance and release notes, for example, you help subscribers make better decisions about the dependency versions they use. By verifying license information, you help teams stay compliant with their organization’s policies.

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to complete these tasks. Here are a few of the changes that you’ll notice rolling out over the next few days. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

New Lifter Overview Screen

When you log in, you’ll see a brand new overview screen. We wanted to more obviously flag for you which work needs to be done. You’ll receive a notification card for each package that needs to be completed. You’ll also receive notifications when a previously-pending package has income available to claim.

You’ll still be able to create security alerts or broken version notices for your packages, as needed, from this overview page.

Clearer Task Statuses

We heard your feedback that it wasn’t always clear what it meant for a task to be “Ongoing” or “Inactive” meant, so we simplified the labels. There are now just two task statuses: “Open” and “Completed”. If a task appears in the “Open” tab, it means it needs your action. Some tasks may re-appear in the open section after being completed. (eg. We will ask you to re-review your release streams after each major or minor release.)

Activity Log

All completed tasks will appear as a reverse chronological activity log. In the case of packages with multiple lifters, the log will denote which lifter completed the task. We also show you which tasks were completed via the API. You can also re-open a task from this page.

Thank you for being an active lifter and partnering with us to help our subscribers use open source quickly and safely! Your work makes a huge difference!

Moving forward, we want to make it easier for you to complete many of these tasks. Some ideas we’ve had:

  • Being able to define things like your Coordinated Disclosure Policy or Version Guidance via a YAML file in your repo or via the Tidelift API
  • Improving the release notes API (see this thread)
  • Using the GitHub app to automatically open PRs to, for example, add Tidelift to FUNDING.yml or upgrade dependencies
  • Splitting up the “Resolve Issues Affecting Subscribers” task into more manageable pieces (eg. One task for each issue)

These are just a few off-the-cuff ideas; nothing is set in stone. We would love to hear from you how we could improve the experience of completing lifter tasks. What would have the biggest impact to your workflow? Which tasks are the most challenging or time-intensive to complete?

Looking forward to hearing what you think!


Here are my two two cents :smiley: : Two items that come to mind:

  • Getting a few tasks marked as completed only because they don’t apply to a GitLab repository (Such as the GitHub URL task) :sweat_smile:
  • Getting release notes, which I manage on GitLab, sync’d up with Tidelift.

Thanks, Hutson! I just went through and marked the Github URL task as complete for those packages.

I know you’ve been working on gitlab-releases – how else can we help you get release notes into Tidelift?

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Thank you @jeff. That was really nice of you to take care of that task for me! :+1:

Getting GitLab release notes into Tidelift hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped. :disappointed: My release notes are all in GitLab Release Notes, but those aren’t included in Tag webhook payload data. Sadly, GitLab does not, currently, have a Release Notes webhook. Therefore, in the mid-term, I’m going to switch to storing my release notes in an annotated tag so that the notes are available in the Tag webhook payload data. :persevere:

Long-term, I would love to not be maintaining my own service for forwarding release notes to Tidelift. :sweat_smile:

Also, I ended up back-filling release notes, which is another thing that would be nice to see automated during the Lifter on-boarding process. :+1: