New packages in a monorepo not loading Marketing/license task correctly, for example - ls-exports and list-exports are two packages in a monorepo. There’s a proper LICENSE file at the root, and Github Sponsors is enabled for both.

list-exports (the first one i published) worked fine; the license was picked up as MIT and the Marketing task verified. However, the license for ls-exports is listed as “Unknown” and the Marketing task looks different, there’s no “verify” button for the Sponsors stuff, like I’m used to seeing.

(v1.0.0 of these packages do unfortunately lack the “directory” field in the “repository” object; perhaps that would help, but either way the LICENSE file would remain at the root of the repo, and the SPDX-compatible declarations in their package.jsons should be what defines the license)

Hey Jordan,

While reviewing these packages, I noticed that the repository definition for ls-exports is incorrect, so this won’t sync properly.

I think you need to fix that for things to work correctly.


aha, thanks :slight_smile: very relieved to hear it’s programmer error.

guess i know what package-validating package i should make next :-p

I’ve now fixed the repository definition and published an update; the update has been recognized by tidelift, but the Marketing task still won’t clear, or load properly with a “verify” button. (cc @brenna)

@ljharb ls-exports wasn’t properly linked (on our end) to the GitHub repository. I’ve updated and the task cleared!

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Hi, it looks like this task has uncleared:

will this happen every time i publish a new version?

@ljharb no, it shouldn’t open back up. It looks like the issue here is it’s not detecting that it should use the global funding.yml file. I’ll ask the team to take a look, thank you for reporting!

@ljharb the team reviewed and opened a ticket for this issue. You can go ahead and ignore for now and we’ll get this fixed up shortly.

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