New: Search for your packages by platform username

Do you publish packages to npm, Rubygems, or NuGet? If so, you can now search for packages you maintain in those ecosystems by username,t without having to search for each package name individually.

From the Lift New Package search, you can select your ecosystem and enter in your username (in my case, Rubygems and johnbintz):

(if you’re logged in, we fill in the username field with your GitHub nickname if you’re logging in via GitHub)

These three ecosystems provide API endpoints that let us search by author, maintainer, publisher, whatever they may call the Person Who Makes The Package :tm:, and we search on those fields with the name you provide us. The results aren’t 100% accurate yet, especially for npm and NuGet. We hope to make it better over time. As usual, leave your comments and suggestions below. Thanks!


This is soooo awesome, John! It will definitely help powerlifters.

Thanks, this is great!

I do notice tho that it only comes up with 27 results for me on npm, whereas lists 191.

I’m seeing 184 at (there seems to be a little discrepancy between npm’s profile page and what their API returns). There was a bug earlier today that returned small amounts (like the 27 you are seeing), I wonder if you have some cached code.

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looks good now, thanks :slight_smile:

looking forward to “lifted status” showing up in search results :wink:

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@ljharb The status of whether or not you are lifting/applied to lift a package now shows up in package search results when you’re logged in. Try it out and make sure it’s working correctly for you:


Unfortunately it takes a second to load (as opposed to appearing instantly, or having a loading indicator) but the status looks great, thanks!