Npm funding support

The latest version of npm supports a looking at package.json#funding and displaying links to funding options, see and What URL should be used for this? For example gets redirected to Does a similar URL scheme exist that redirects to a utm_source that identifies npm fund? I assume "type": "tidelift" should be used (all of the examples show funding.type in all lower-case).

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@coreyfarrell thank you for reaching out! We’re working on sorting this now and I’ll post back as soon as we have more direction on which URL should be used.

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@coreyfarrell as you mention above, the URL structure is basically the same as the one for GitHub sponsors, just swapping out the utm_source to utm_source=npm_fund

For example:

These URL’s will get printed to CLI so I was hoping for a shorter URL that would redirect the way the github sponsor link does.

@coreyfarrell the redirect for GitHub Sponsors was a custom implementation and we are still evaluating npm fund so we don’t have a shortening right now. I’m sorry about that.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. Thank you!

I’m linking to, for example, Note the the query parameter (yes, it’s an official one), which causes GitHub to open the GitHub Sponsors modal as if you clicked the “Sponsor” button. Tidelift is listed in that modal.

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