Over 1,000 packages now included in the Tidelift subscription


Hi everyone!

Today is a big news day for Tidelift, and I wanted to share the details of what we’ve announced this morning and say thanks on behalf of the whole Tidelift team :raised_hands:. We wouldn’t have reached this key milestone without your support!

First off—and we did this together—more than 1000 open source packages are being backed by maintainers like you as part of the Tidelift Subscription. :tada:

We also announced today that there are a total of 4000 packages now eligible for immediate income via the Tidelift Subscription. (So if you know other maintainers you think might be interested in joining us, encourage them to check their packages for current estimated income here.)

Finally, the tasks you complete as a Lifter are now being used in more places to make the Tidelift Subscription more valuable. We provide subscribers with an overview and at-a-glance metrics of security vulnerabilities, licensing issues, and technical concerns and help them resolve issues based on your guidance and recommendations.

In particular I wanted to call out @jonschlinkert, @oliviertassinari, and @johnleider for agreeing to respond to press inquiries around this announcement! (And if any of the rest of you would like to help out with media opportunities on future releases, please email brenna@tidelift.com).

But a big thanks go out to all of you. We started Tidelift because we thought paying the maintainers was the right thing to do. It’s now happening at scale, and we could not be happier.

For more information:

This is the first of many huge milestones we will reach together. We are honored to be sharing this journey with you.

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