Poll: what would you like us to focus on?

We’ve been making small tweaks for tasks such as license verification and submitting notifications for broken versions that we hope will improve your experience and streamline your workflow. Thank you, everyone, for all of your feedback and please keep it coming! Your input helps us determine how we can improve, as well as how to prioritize those improvements.

We’re excited to keep building and improving, but we’d also like to explore other ways that we can support you and your projects. But we need your help.

As we plan for 2019, we wanted to share some topics and concerns that we’ve heard in our conversations and get a sense of what you think we should explore next. Please pick the topics that are most relevant to you (there is no limit!) and let us know if you have any ideas that aren’t listed here. We don’t know exactly how we’ll tackle these, but we’re confident that with your continued feedback and support we can figure it out together.

Support for core maintainership

  • Issue triage/labeling/repo organization/issue templates
  • Documentation
  • Learning about who is using project/package and how
  • Tools for improved workflow
  • Security - notifications about potentially relevant CVEs

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  • Healthcare
  • Other forms of business insurance

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Support for business

  • Learn how to market/promote project
  • Converting contacts to consulting/sales opportunities
  • Legal support/education

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  • Community
  • Events

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