Project math on maintainer dashboard

When I login I see:

# Woohoo, you're almost ready to go!

We're so glad you're here. We are processing your application for , and -3 others. Please look for an email in the next few days with next steps.

Processing my application for “” and negative three others… :smiley:

This is fun house mirror math.

Gosh, well that’s not right! Thanks for reporting that. Our engineering team has looked into it and merged a patch about half an hour ago.

Please let me know if the fun house mirror math persists and I’ll revisit it :slight_smile:

Things are looking much better now. Only remaining concern is the lack of movement on the actual projects. Has Ruby not launched at all? I simply can’t fathom why it would take this long to process the oauth and oauth2 gems unless it is simply that you haven’t launched Ruby support yet.

My thinking here is that if requires months of effort to get two gems, for one maintainer, through the process then the process is simply not sustainable. I hope it is actually the case that Ruby support just hasn’t launched yet. In spite of your double “not wanting to beat around the bush” responses to me the last time I attempted to ask this, I still don’t know the answer, which is supremely ironic.

It feels like more transparency would help. I simply have no idea what is going on with Ruby & TideLift.

My projects are moving forward now! Thanks :heart:

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