Renamed package in PyPI - -> path

This weekend, I renamed the project to simply path (ref). Tidelift doesn’t yet see the new package. The new one may take some time before the new version’s adoption see that of the old name, although it may happen fairly fast as the latest version of the old name pulls in the new name. In any case, if you can enable that project in Tidelift (or rename the old one, whatever’s most appropriate), I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

@jaraco thank you for letting us know about this! I’ve asked the team to take a look and I’ll report back shortly.

@jaraco looked into this and, unfortunately, we don’t support package renaming at this time, so we’ll need to handle this as if it’s a new package. You can go here and apply to lift, or you can apply within the dashboard. Once the application comes through I’ll approve you immediately and make sure everything is set up correctly.

That worked. Thanks Brenna!