Renaming a project - need help

This week, I rebranded one of my lifted projects from rwt to pip-run ( GitHub and Travis detected the rename and redirected, but I found I had to manually update other linked services like readthedocs and appveyor (by deleting and recreating the project there).

Tidelift is in a similar situation, still showing only the old name. I’d like to update it to reflect the new name.

I imagine Tidelift wasn’t designed with this use-case in mind, so I won’t be surprised if some intervention is required. Is it possible using existing features to effect a rename of a project? If not, is this something that can be updated administratively without too much imposition?


Pre-existing versions still reflect the old name and since we tie to things that are in people’s requirements.txt, the best move might be lifting the project under both the old name and the new name. Does that plan sound good?

Yes, that should work fine… although for this project, its usage is going to be more incidental than systematic, because it’s more of a tool than a library. But that’s not a factor in the rename. I’ll probably leave both projects lifted for a short period and then remove the old name in a few months.