Repos that started not in an org, do not clear the Marketing task correctly

I have at least 4 packages: npm/is-map, npm/is-set, npm/is-weakmap, npm/is-weakset that started out as an individual repo, and were transferred into the inspect-js github org.

Via that org’s .github repo, they have the “sponsor” button already - but the Marketing task’s “verify” button doesn’t clear it.

When addressing this, can you please not fix it manually, and instead let me know when the process that auto-rechecks this task is able to track repo transfers? That way, it won’t just fix these 4 once, but will fix all of them moving forward :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey Jordan,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for when this will be fixed globally. For the time being, we’ll need to continue to resolve these manually.

More generally, we anticipate bringing on many more subscribers this year—and we want to keep our engineering efforts focused on enabling subscribers and, of course, getting you all more money. We hope to share more specifics on what this will look like soon!

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