[RESOLVED] Page /lifter/verify-licenses blocked


Hi, for few weeks (after I added multiple projects to my lifted packages), I have the page /lifter/verify-licenses blocked on its current state. I fixed all licenses (put MIT everywhere on both package manager file and GitHub repository LICENSE file) but the page still show some missing licenses “” on some projects (some on GitHub side, some others on package side). Most of those package have the [Fixing] orange label.

The button “Reload GitHub license info” give me “Failed to reload licenses, please try again later.” The button “Reprocess Libraries.io” just seems doing nothing.



Hi @kylekatarnls. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look into it and get back to you soon!


Hey @kylekatarnls. Thanks for your patience! We finally fixed some issues around license validation, and your conflicting license tasks should be complete, save for one that still seems to have an issue you’ll need to look into. Let us know if that view is looking better for you now.

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